2021 Southwest Florida Pool Trends

Home improvement isn’t a luxury; it’s self-care. By now we should all know how important it is to maximize the comfort, pleasure and convenience of our own living spaces. This includes the pool.

You now officially have permission to imagine your wildest poolside dream upgrades, and then make those dreams come true. Need some inspiration? We have a few ideas for you.

In-Pool Seating

One of the biggest pool trends these days is the so-called “ledge lounger.” After all, you should be able to kick back in your pool instead of standing, swimming or treading water all the time. If you’re just having your pool built now, or you’re planning major renovations, you definitely need to include lounging space in your design. This could be as simple as a shallow ledge a few inches or a foot deep. Or it could be full-on, built-in benches or lounge chairs.

If you have an existing pool with no current seating, don’t fret. There are plenty of semi-submerged sit-able accessories on the market. You could go so far as adding a swim-up bar or table with submerged stools. (Check out this awesome “relaxation station.”) Or you could just chuck a couple of these Aqwarana bad boys around the ledge.

Let Nature In

Whether you have a pool cage or not, every 2021 southwest Florida pool needs a hefty dose of our lovely local flora. By which we mean: plants, plants, plants. Upgrade your landscaping, and add copious amounts of potted plants poolside. Hanging plants are great for ambience, too. Nature is a proven stress-reducer.

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you don’t already have an outdoor kitchen, start making that happen pronto. There’s nothing like having friends and family out in the fresh air, serving up fresh-made snacks and straight-from-the-fridge beverages. But you don’t have to stop there.

Chances are, you’ve already created a home office. But do you have one poolside? Consider putting together a lovely little workspace in the shade. Bonus points if you have online meetings with people who don’t live in Sarasota-Manatee. Make yourself an envy-inducing Zoom background.


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