tester with tablet and powder of chlorine or bromide for mainteance of water quality of jacuzzi or spa

Chlorine Shortages Affect Prices, Availability

Earlier this year, we wrote about how the pandemic has affected supply lines in every industry, including ours. We mostly focused on pool equipment in that blog, but now we’re facing an even more urgent supply crisis: chlorine. We’re coming up on the busiest season for pool use at a time when people might finally be able to safely gather for pool parties and celebrate summer. So prepare yourselves for how the current chlorine supply situation will factor into that.

The Problem Started

Multiple factors are coming together to create a “perfect storm” of chlorine shortages—and one of those factors was an actual storm. Last summer, as the Covid-19 pandemic had already been affecting the world for months, a category-4 hurricane plowed into Louisiana, wrecking a BioLab pool-chemical factory there.

And Then It Got Worse

Less than a month later, another chlorine plant caught fire, this time outside of Atlanta. Those two disasters caused incredible damage to an industry that was already (like so many industries) reeling from the pandemic.

And Then It Got a Little Better

The only saving grace (back then), was that those two disasters happened at the end of the summer season. Even as we in southwest Florida were able to keep enjoying our pools for most of the winter, much of the rest of the country was not, so the demand for chlorine went down.

…And Now It’s Getting Worse Again

Now, however, we’re starting to see the full extent of those fires. As the weather improves up North, the demand for chlorine is starting to go up again. And yet there’s less of it to go around than there has been in a decade.

Even worse, as people began to see this crisis coming, they began panic-buying and stockpiling chlorine, driving the supply down even further.

All this to say: You need chlorine, and we want to give it to you. Unfortunately, as we’re near the bottom of the supply chain, we’re paying the price—literally—for the shortage that started at the top. Chlorine prices are skyrocketing everywhere.

We’ll continue our mission to provide you with the best possible pool service, for the best possible pool conditions, at the fairest possible prices. As always, we’re so grateful for your business, as well as your understanding.

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