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Holidays Poolside

We understand the holidays may not be quite the same this year. Maybe you’re staying home when you usually travel, or maybe you’re not having visitors when you’d normally be the host. However your holidays look in 2020, we encourage you to find joy where you can. And fortunately, thanks to our balmy weather down here in southwest Florida, we can celebrate the holidays poolside.

So if your holidays this year aren’t quite going by tradition, why not embrace the strangeness and try some new ways of celebrating? Holidays in Florida aren’t exactly traditional to begin with, so let’s lean in–and give those folks up North something to really envy.

Take Advantage of Takeout

For many of us, holidays mean meals at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to cook. Many, many restaurants in Sarasota and Manatee have adjusted their operations to offer convenient, safe takeout–often even bringing the meal right to your car, curbside. Check out the Curbside Suncoast Food & Drink To Go Facebook group to support locally owned eateries and get some great holiday grub to enjoy on the lanai.

Take the TV Outside

Holidays also mean holiday programming–especially football, football, football. If you don’t already have an outdoor entertainment system, what are you waiting for? Imagine watching the games while basking in the sun or swimming laps during commercial breaks. Or what a family viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life while waist-deep in the shallow end?

Update Your Aquatic Wish List

Even if you can’t be together for the unwrapping, your friends and family can still send you gifts. Why not point them toward a few cool pool accessories you’ve always wanted? Maybe a lounger or a speaker or an updated grill kit–whatever floats your boat.

Stage a Santa Swim Party

If you’re celebrating Christmas with little ones, try upping your milk-and-cookies setup with a whole story about how Santa and the reindeer stopped to celebrate a bit poolside before dolling out the presents. A carrot-top in the skimmer basket, a jingle bell in the deep end, a Santa hat set out to dry. (Just don’t leave foreign objects in the water for too long.)

Snowy settings don’t have a monopoly on the magic of the season. Embrace the Florida-ness of this year’s holiday season, and make 2020 one to remember–for good reasons.

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