How Heavy Rainfall Affects Your Pool

How about all this rain?

It’s July in southwest Florida, and that means we’re back to our regular afternoon rain showers, punctuated by some days where the rain starts in the morning and sticks around all day.

Heavy rainfall might keep you out of your pool some afternoons. Unfortunately, not only do you still need to maintain your pool; the rain actually makes regular pool maintenance that much more important.

Your Pool and Rain

Basically, when it rains, nature is adding a whole bunch of untreated freshwater to your pool. And any good pool owner knows how important your pool’s chemical balance is.

All of that freshwater lowers your pool’s pH (potential hydrogen). Lower pH means less-effective chlorination. And chlorine is what keeps the creepy crawlies in check.

In short: Rain makes it easier for germs and algae to survive—and thrive—in your pool.

How to Maintain in the Rain

Even though there’s nothing you can do to stop the rain from coming, there are a few simple steps you can take to maintain your pool through the rainy season without too many headaches.

First off, you have to stay on top of your chemicals. When it’s raining every day like this, keeping your pool water’s chemicals well balanced can be a pain. We understand. If you don’t have the time, that’s what Bahama Blue pool techs are here for.

If there’s an especially heavy downpour in the forecast, you can shock your pool prior to the storm. That should keep your pH levels manageable so you’re not fighting an uphill battle as soon as the sun starts to shine again.

But! Don’t drain your pool! Hopefully your pool was properly installed with overflows to account for the extra water. Lowering the water level in anticipation of a storm can actually cause a lot of problems.

After the Rain is Gone

In addition to monitoring your chemicals and making the necessary adjustments to keep your pH levels in the right range, there’s a really easy thing to do to keep your pool healthy: clean it!

It’s Florida. Things are going to get into your pool regardless of what you do—after all, that’s what the chemicals are for. But you can help the cause by skimming and/or vacuuming out debris. After all, organic matter is a jumping-off point for all kinds of things to get growing. And sunshine will turbocharge that process.

So take a moment after the storm to keep the noticeable stuff out of the water. Or better yet, call us. That’s what we’re here for.

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