Maximize Your Southwest Florida Pool Environment

Your pool is more than just a hole with water in it. Time to treat it that way.

Here in Sarasota-Manatee, pools should be a whole refreshing, rejuvenating experience—even if you never dip your toe in. After all, southwest Florida weather lets us enjoy the outside year-round. We should set up our pool environment to maximize these climate benefits.

Whether you’ve had a long day stuck inside at the office or a hot afternoon working in the yard, jumping into the pool is always a delightful, refreshing option. Submersion simply feels good.

But you shouldn’t need to be recovering from anything to enjoy your pool. After all, look around you. Lakewood Ranch is a lush, beautiful environment. Your pool should capture that natural energy, too. Spending time in or around your pool should be a tempting option, no matter what time it is or what kind of day you’ve had.

And while you can always hire any of the many talented landscape architects in the area to do a full makeover, you don’t need to go anywhere near that far to create your idyllic southwest Florida pool. Just try some of these simple solutions.


All you need first is some greenery! If you choose the right species, potted plants are easy to care for in Florida. Pick a bunch that appeal to you and arrange them in the corner of your pool cage, or even hang them or add decorative stands or shelves to show them off. You can even make a fun activity of moving them around to keep things fresh. Plus, shopping for plant pots is surprisingly fun. Your concrete pool deck will quickly be transformed to a tropical Floridian paradise.

Poolside Garden

Florida’s sandy soil, especially this close to the shoreline, isn’t always great for growing vegetables anyway. So container gardens are often the way to go, wherever you’re growing. If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own Florida vegetables, springtime is a great time to start. Consider something like an elevated gardening bed for easy access and mobility. Then the meditative properties of the water gently lapping in your pool will be multiplied by the peaceful prospect of tending to your crop.

Reading Nook

Up North they depict big comfy armchairs next to a roaring fireplace. But that’s the southwest Florida equivalent?

When people think of pool furniture or outside decor, too often they picture the same old weather-resistant table and four semi-comfortable chairs. But with today’s options, you can build yourself a quiet, peaceful, super-comfortable spot for relaxing.

Think of everything you might want while having a nice sit-down by the pool. Start with whatever kind of comfy chair suits you best. You’ll probably want a footrest, too (one that’s not attached to the chair, so you can use it or set it aside as desired). A simple chair-side table will hold your coffee, book, phone, and anything else you’d like to keep close at hand. If the table has a water-resistant drawer, all the better for storing things like headphones, bug spray, a pen and note pad, or anything else you might find useful.

Depending on where you’d like to position your happy little nook, you might need to put up an umbrella or other shade to keep you comfortable in the Florida sun. Also, consider near electrical sources that can accommodate chargers, in case your phone needs a boost or you’d like to keep your laptop with you.

It might take a while to get your relaxation spot just right, but trust us: It’s worth the work. You’ll know you’re getting the most out of your pool environment—and out of living in Lakewood Ranch in general—when you can walk outside without even planning anything and settle into a happy, and effortless, state of mind.

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