Save Your Pool Supplies from Corrosion

Water. It’s the whole point of having a pool.

But water is more than just the buoyant, splashy heart of your pool. It’s also a potentially corrosive substance to which we add other potentially corrosive substances like chlorine. And in southwest Florida, rain and humidity make water that much more pervasive. It gets wet everywhere.

What does this mean? It means that every aspect of your pool equipment is exposed to corrosive conditions that can lead to malfunction and even premature breakdown. From your skimmers and drains to your filters and pumps, every part of your pool needs to be able to combat water’s corrosive properties.

As pool maintenance experts, our No. 1 job is to make sure everything is just right for you to enjoy your pool. Of course first and foremost this means maintaining optimal swimming conditions via cleanliness, equipment maintenance and chemical balancing.

But we also want to go the extra mile, which means taking the longevity of your pool equipment into consideration. The first step, of course, is having regular service calls to monitor your pool’s chemical conditions, especially with Florida’s propensity for being very rainy, or very sunny, or both in the same day. Properly balanced chemicals don’t just benefit humans in the pool; the right chemical conditions are also those at which your equipment is least vulnerable to corrosion.

At the same time, regular pool maintenance appointments allow your service professionals to monitor your pool equipment. When one part of your pool starts to break down or malfunction, the other parts will suddenly be under exponential strain, and are therefore more likely to suffer damage as well. Just as the chemicals have to achieve the perfect balance, your pool equipment works in concert. An underperforming filter will damage your pump; a malfunctioning pump will unevenly distribute chemicals. Suddenly everything is off-kilter.

That’s why regular service monitoring is so important. It’s not just about swimming today. When it’s done right, and it’s done regularly, you’ve got great swimming conditions today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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