So Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

Permanent, growing stains. Missing tiles. Rough concrete. A possible leak.

Even if it’s readily apparent that your pool needs to be resurfaced, it can be hard to pull the trigger. Unlike regular maintenance and chemical balancing, pool resurfacing is a big, time-consuming task that requires the pool to be drained before work can get started. Even then, it can take up to a week to complete the project, which means a full week without your pool.

But look what you have at the end of that week: A smooth, beautiful pool that’s even more inviting than it was before. And the alternative is letting your pool’s aesthetic appeal and physical structure disintegrate, affecting your ability to enjoy it.

All pools will eventually need resurfacing, but their durability depends in large part on the type of surface material. If you know when your pool was built and what kind of material was used, you can time your pool resurfacing project to occur before things go really bad.

A traditional plaster (marcite) finish lasts anywhere between five and 15 years. Quartz, which is harder and more durable, will last you more than a decade. Exposed pebble will probably be good for 15 years or more. And obviously, when choosing which material you use for your pool’s new surface, take durability into account. A bigger investment now can save you money down the road, since you won’t have to resurface again so quickly.

The reason resurfacing takes so long is that the old surface has to be removed before the new surface can be applied. Bahama Blue technicians will use sand or hydro blasting to power through the old material. Then they prep the exposed concrete shell for the new material. Finally whichever new material you choose will be carefully applied so that it is both aesthetically beautiful and intrinsically durable.

An additional setback we encounter resurfacing pools in southwest Florida is weather, which is why you might consider planning the project for the fall or winter, when there’s less rainfall to interfere.

Whenever you choose to have your pool resurfaced, Bahama Blue is here to walk you through the process from beginning to end. As always, our goal is to make sure your pool is as picturesque and welcoming as it can be.

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