Spending the Holidays Around Your Manatee Pool

It’s that time of year again! You’ve got shopping to do, meals to bake, guests to greet and presents to wrap. How do you find the time?

But on top of all of that, here in Lakewood Ranch, we’ve got weather that encourages us to spend as much time around the pool as possible.

Whether the pool is where you set your southwest Florida Christmas parties, a few hours of Florida winter swimming is the answer to getting the kids out of the kitchen, or you’re just using your Bradenton oasis to get away from the holiday grind, we want you to be able to utilize your pool to the fullest this holiday season. That means taking care of last-minute prep and planning now so you don’t have to worry about the state of your pool during the busy month ahead.

Florida Holiday Pool Safety

By now many of us know that the “don’t swim for an hour after eating” rule is, mostly, an old wives’ tale. But how can you keep yourself, your guests, your pets, and your pool itself safe and accident-free during holiday activities?

1. Pool gates, fences, screens and doors should be secure and CLOSED. It’s tempting, especially when things get busy, to leave doors and gates open as a shortcut. After all, pool safety guidelines usually use the caveat, “…when not in use.” This implies that it’s OK to wait until everyone’s done with the pool before running around to check on all the barriers.

But pool use ebbs and flows when you’ve got a busy household. Instead, opening and closing doors and gates should become an accepted part of pool access for everyone present—especially when that includes small children. That way, pool safety will quickly become a habit and less likely to be forgotten.

2. Handle repairs now. Frankly, there’s no more time to wait. That means taking care of rough, loose or missing tiles, exposed sharp edges, inoperative lights, wobbly railings, etc.

If you absolutely cannot manage a pool repair, take the time to block off the affected area. You can’t always be around to supervise, and children or people who are new to the property won’t automatically know what to look out for.

3. Limit toys. Too many pool obstacles increase risk of drowning as well as falls. If you already have too many, find a safe space to lock some away. And of course, no non-pool objects allowed in the pool.

Florida Holiday Pool Entertaining

Once your pool is ready for guests, have fun with it!

  • Consider hosting brunches, lunches and leisurely holiday afternoons. Put out cooler and a spread of bagels and pastries, deli meat and sandwich fixings, or hummus, cheese and fruit, and have people bring snacks.
  • For evening gatherings, add water decorations. If no one will be swimming anyway, consider Christmas-colored pool lights, or even floating candles. (There are LED options.) Also: BALL LIGHTS!
  • Consider Christmas morning around the pool. Imagine gathering around the lanai tree with the kids and grandkids, and unwrapping gifts by the pool in this glorious Florida weather.

Don’t Forget to Consult the Pros!

And of course, if you have any questions about the state of your pool prep for the holidays, give Bahama Blue a call. Our Lakewood Ranch-based service techs can be scheduled for cleanings, maintenance, and even some repairs without homeowners needing to be present.

You’ve got a long list of things to do this holiday season. Get your pool check off ASAP!

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