Summer Pool Prep

Pool season is upon us!

Well, of course, here in southwest Florida, it’s pretty much pool season all year-round. And with the pandemic keeping most of us at home, including the kids, chances are your pool is already getting a lot of use. So maybe for the summer it’s time to freshen up your pool, make sure all your equipment is in working order, and find a few new ways to appreciate your little corner of paradise.

Safety for All Species

Everybody loves a pool–including our four-legged Florida neighbors. If you’re getting a lot of amphibian visitors who hop in for a swim but can’t get out again, consider a Frog Log. The simple device gives frogs an easy escape when they’ve finished your swim (and saves you some grim cleanup, too).

Lots of dogs love to swim, but their enthusiasm can get the best of them and it can be hard to escape the water when they’re tired–especially the older puppers. For your furry friends, consider a Skamper-Ramp product like the Paws Aboard steps or Super Skamper ramp, so they can enjoy the water safely.

Bug Battles

It’s summer in Sarasota-Manatee, so you know it’s peak insect season.

First of all, if you don’t already have a tower basket or Critter Skimmer, consider these easy, affordable investments for saving you a lot of icky cleanup in your pool basket. Bugs are an unfortunate fact of life in Florida, and there’s no 100% way to keep them at bay, but with these simple products they have a way to escape your pool’s filter so you don’t have to see as much of them.

If you’ve lived in Florida for a while, you’ve probably tested a lot of mosquito-repelling products and techniques. Perhaps you’ve even found some that are halfway effective, but lots of solutions on the market are more complicated than they are effective. Stick to simple solutions to save your pocketbook: Now is definitely the time to test every square inch of your screen and make repairs as necessary. Keeping them out is most of the battle.

Another simple and highly effective mosquito tool is a plain-old fan. More than almost anything else, a decent breeze keeps the bugs at bay. Feels pretty good in the summer sun, too.

Up the Fun!

Maybe all this home-time has put you into a bit of a pool-routine rut. Consider this your excuse to buy a new, fun product to spice things up a bit. Maybe some new toys, like a radio-controlled boat or some crazy new inflatables. Heck you can even have all kinds of new fun with your old pool noodles.

If your water’s getting a lot of direct sunlight, you might even consider a pool chiller to keep it at the perfect, refreshing temperature.

Also, sometimes it’s what surrounds the pool that counts. Consider upgrading your poolside entertainment with everything from fresh new furniture to food and beverage accessories to an outdoor speaker system. Here in Florida, every afternoon can be a pool party. This summer, make it spectacular!

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