You Won’t Regret a Pool Heater

Yes, this is southwest Florida. We’re not at risk of sub-zero temperatures or even an icy breeze most of the year. But you may have noticed recently that we do experience winter—albeit a mild one—and even Florida winter can make your pool temp less-than-ideal. And pools are supposed to be comfortable and relaxing, not challenging. So unless you want to pretend you’re participating in the Great Polar Bear Challenge, you should invest in a heat pump so you know you can use your pool year round.


After all, this is the sunshine state, and every once in a while some of our sunniest days can also dip into the 40s.


We’re not talking Jacuzzi-levels of heat here (though we can make that happen, too); an ideal pool temp for most people is usually in the high 70s or low 80s—not warm enough to make you sweat, but enough to keep you comfortable when the air is a little nippy.


In this climate, we usually recommend an energy-efficient electric heat pump—especially if you have access to solar power—though there are also natural gas and propane pool heaters, too. Once you’ve made your selection, we can perform an easy install and you can be enjoying the temperature-regulated water same day.


Better still, there are even options out there that can heat your pool during the cold snaps but also cool it down when the Florida weather gets more Florida-like. A warm pool on a chilly evening and comfortably cool water the rest of the year? That’s making the most of of your pool.


Talk to your Bahama Blue experts today about your temperature-control options.

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