Attention Realtors!

…and lenders, and HOAs, and rental property owners! Bahama Blue is here for all of your pool-maintenance and pool-cleaning needs. Here’s why our services are so important for people who are responsible for pools that they themselves don’t use.

Swimming pools are both a luxury and a common sight here in southwest Florida. They’re a huge selling point for real estate. They drive up the value of a property, which then raises the value of surrounding properties.

Unfortunately, the impact of a pool can swing the other way, too. A neglected pool is at best unsightly and can easily become frightening and even dangerous: opaque, dark-green sludge breeding insects. A dark, unwatched pool is an increased drowning hazard for animals and humans alike.

For Realtors and Real Estate Specialists

You certainly don’t want to present that mess to potential homebuyers. They’ll think they’re inheriting a nightmare liability rather than investing in a premium luxury.

For Rental Property Owners

A dilapidated pool is a big turnoff for renters and vacationers, too. The rundown pool indicates that other parts of the property have probably been neglected, too.

For Lenders and HOAs

And unfortunately, when it comes to foreclosures, pool maintenance goes south, fast. Luxury items are the first things people neglect when they begin struggling financially.

The Long Game

And this isn’t just a cosmetic issue. A neglected pool quickly causes damage to its equipment, clogging pipes and pumps. That sludgy water will also stain concrete and tile. The longer it goes, the more damage it does tot he property’s value–and the more expensive it will be to fix.

The good news is, if you’re aware of the power of pools, you can take steps today to fix that pool and reverse your property’s rapid decline.

As a locally owned company, we build relationships with realtors and property owners in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota and Manatee. We can do a big, one-time turnaround on a pool that’s turned scary. We can also do regular cleaning and maintenance visits for properties that remain on the market. That way you can rest assured that the pool will be listing-photo-beautiful whenever you have a showing.

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