Out-of-Town Pool Maintenance

Do you have a lengthy and well-deserved summer vacation planned? Are you among the many southwest Floridians who spends a month or more out of state during the warmer months?

Whatever your plans for the summer season, we hope it’s fabulous! Just one question before you leave: Who will look after your pool while you’re away?

Everyone’s Home Needs a Watchful Eye

Home watch services and similar companies are sprouting up everywhere these days—and especially in Sarasota’s crazy real estate market. As a small, locally owned business, we’ve seen a load of new home watch services sprout up in the last two years alone. And why not? People want their property to be safe while they’re away.

Pools Need Special Attention

Well, your pool needs maintenance, too, even when it’s not being used. Plus, you want someone checking in regularly, just in case. Keep in mind, we get a lot of rain in the Sarasota-Bradenton area over the summer. All that water will majorly affect your pool. And don’t forget about hurricanes.

And keep in mind, most seasoned home watch pros aren’t going to be pool experts, too. Your pool needs a specialist. And whatever comes up, we don’t want you to worry about it.

Lakewood Ranch Area Pool Concierge

Bahama Blue services don’t stop just because you’re out of town.

We happily work with your chosen home watch partner to ensure that your pool stays clean and safe all summer long.

Better still, in many cases, we don’t require special home access. That means we can come regularly or as needed without having to coordinate with a home concierge or house-sitter.

And keep in mind, regular vendor visits also deter criminal interest in your home. And Bahama Blue is an established Lakewood Ranch small pool business. We’re experts, we’re local, and we’ve been here for years. We’re trusted by the community. Give us a call to find out way, and you can rest assured your pool will be in good hands all summer long.

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