Residential Pool Maintenance in Lakewood Ranch: Keep Your Tropical Oasis Clean for Warm Weather Fun

Residential Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance in Lakewood Ranch is a requirement for all homeowners. Residential pools here in Florida need to be maintained and cleaned regularly, or they can get out of balance and start to break down. And this puts your pool at risk of becoming dirty, green with algae, and unusable due to the chemicals that […]


Looking to Buy a Lakewood Ranch Home with a Pool?

Attention homebuyers! If you’re scoping the market for a new home in southwest Florida, and you’ve got your eyes on some properties with pools, Bahama Blue is here to help! Sarasota and Manatee counties are rich with incredible pool properties. And rightly so! Our weather here supports people who want to enjoy their pools year-round. […]


How to Balance Your Pool’s Chemicals

So you think you might need to balance your pool’s chemicals. Of course, if you’re in southwest Florida, Bahama Blue’s pool experts are just around the corner to help you out. But if you’re in between maintenance visits or just in the mood for a little pool maintenance DIY, we’ve got some tips for you. […]


Summertime Pool Safety

We’re smack-dab in the middle of summer here in southwest Florida. And we hope your pool is getting a lot of use. This time of year, we can find ourselves leaping into the pool almost without thinking—whether we’re celebrating the end of the workday or finding sweet relief after an hour or two of yard […]


How Heavy Rainfall Affects Your Pool

How about all this rain? It’s July in southwest Florida, and that means we’re back to our regular afternoon rain showers, punctuated by some days where the rain starts in the morning and sticks around all day. Heavy rainfall might keep you out of your pool some afternoons. Unfortunately, not only do you still need […]


Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us again, and this year experts are predicting a lot of storm activity for the southwest Florida area. Is your pool ready? There are a lot of things to consider when preparing your pool for a hurricane. You want to protect your infrastructure and equipment, manage your water level and chemicals, […]

Multi-Speed Pool Pumps or Variable Speed Pool Pump Information

New Pool Pump Law Starts July 19

Pool owners take note! New standards for your pool pumps will take effect July 19. On that date, all new and replacement pool pumps are required to be variable speed (or multi-speed). The Law We actually wrote about this new law way back in 2019; it was initially passed in 2018, but now we’re finally […]

tester with tablet and powder of chlorine or bromide for mainteance of water quality of jacuzzi or spa

Chlorine Shortages Affect Prices, Availability

Earlier this year, we wrote about how the pandemic has affected supply lines in every industry, including ours. We mostly focused on pool equipment in that blog, but now we’re facing an even more urgent supply crisis: chlorine. We’re coming up on the busiest season for pool use at a time when people might finally […]


2021 Southwest Florida Pool Trends

Home improvement isn’t a luxury; it’s self-care. By now we should all know how important it is to maximize the comfort, pleasure and convenience of our own living spaces. This includes the pool. You now officially have permission to imagine your wildest poolside dream upgrades, and then make those dreams come true. Need some inspiration? […]


Attention Realtors!

…and lenders, and HOAs, and rental property owners! Bahama Blue is here for all of your pool-maintenance and pool-cleaning needs. Here’s why our services are so important for people who are responsible for pools that they themselves don’t use. Swimming pools are both a luxury and a common sight here in southwest Florida. They’re a […]


Pool Priorities: 2021

Happy New Year! We made it! We have a hunch that you enjoyed a lot of pool time in 2020. And whatever the new year brings, we hope you’re looking forward to even more time in and around the water in 2021. That being said, we want to make sure you’re all set up for […]

christmas pool

Holidays Poolside

We understand the holidays may not be quite the same this year. Maybe you’re staying home when you usually travel, or maybe you’re not having visitors when you’d normally be the host. However your holidays look in 2020, we encourage you to find joy where you can. And fortunately, thanks to our balmy weather down […]